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Our designs

“West End Interiors, LLC is devoted to curating designs that are unique to the client’s vision or brand, while committing to proper design for the seniors that reside in their environments.”  


Design Process

"West End Interiors is a first class and one-of-a kind interior design firm. Alicia and her team are knowledgeable, personable, and detail oriented in their work. Their deliverables are extremely professional and always presented in a timely manner. I have the utmost respect for Alicia as she has created a welcoming, cohesive culture with her team, which is evident to clients in WEI's meticulous work. I would recommend Alicia and her team to anyone seeking interior design services for the senior living space. We wouldn't let anyone design our buildings except the team at West End Interiors!"

- Chase Darmstadter

Director of Acquisitions and Development

Paramount Health Resources, Inc.

Client Testimonials

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