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procurement director


The Procurement Director oversees the process for procurement of Furniture, Finishes & Equipment (FF&E) on all contracted projects. This role is responsible for gathering and analyzing historical pricing data, identifying and vetting suppliers, and staying in front of factors affecting supply and demand. This role develops and manages purchasing policies and procedures and works collaboratively with Project Designers and the Principal to maintain or come in under project(s) budget and secure best pricing from vendors on a project and yearly basis. The Procurement Director is responsible for vetting vendors for financial stability, business practices and customer service. This role is responsible for overseeing all  procurement projects from conception to completion. This person will also develop strategies for sourcing service companies for shipping, warehousing, and placement of all goods purchased. This role performs strategic procurement activities across multiple categories of expenditures, seeking better value and more profitable procedures.


  • Meets weekly and provides strategic reporting to Principal, Senior Project Director, and Director of Business Development.

  • Develops metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness of procurement management services.

  • Crafts negotiation strategies and closes deals with optimal terms.

  • Performs cost and scenario analysis, and benchmarking.

  • Manages, trains, and coaches all team members effectively.

  • Keeping project budgets + specifications up to date and orderly.

  • Develop a procurement strategy and schedule with client.

  • Communicate systematically with client on budget and scheduling updates.

  • Coordinate and secure freight pricing and oversee the movement of all merchandise.

  • Manage intricate schedules where purchase orders are submitted strategically and sequentially to meet the necessary installation schedules and eliminate extra days needed for warehousing.

  • Negotiate warehousing, receiving, and installation (WRI) service on behalf of client and coordinate receiving and warehousing practices in order to efficiently track all received items.

  • Supervise delivery and installation to the project site.

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills are critical.

  • Strong communication skills for both internal and external project coordination.

  • Develops metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness of procurement management services.

  • Forecasts price and market trends to identify changes of balance in buyer-supplier power.

  • Evaluate and negotiate quotes in a timely manner.

  • Assesses, manages and mitigates risks.

  • Develops vetting protocols for partnering with reliable vendors and suppliers.

  • Monitors and forecasts upcoming levels of demand for all procurement.

​Individuals in this position will see the big picture and grow this team, as well as work on multiple projects simultaneously, so the ability to handle pressure, stay organized, and multi-task is important. Candidates should also have a strong sense of self-accountability, high attention to detail, and sound judgment.


  • Excel

  • Quick Books

  • Procurement SAS (Software as a Service) Knowledge or Ability to Learn

  • Extremely responsive and customer service driven

  • Must possess a detail oriented and always negotiating personality

  • Strong interpersonal / teamwork skills

  • Creative thinking and research skills to gain the latest knowledge of procurement-logistics industry trends, especially in relation to discovering innovative or groundbreaking operational products/processes.

  • Collaboration skills to build positive relationships and trust.

  • Problem solving skills with flexibility and creativity in finding solutions for difficult problems.

  • Ability to support project goals and effectively adapt to continuous change.

  • Must be available for travel & able to lift at least 50lbs.

  • Knowledge of standard design phases a bonus, but not required.


West End Interiors is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans are encouraged to apply.

Due to current climate - productivity and time management skills required. Job encompasses mixture of working from office and home. Some in and out of state travel required.

Job Type: Full-time


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