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COVID-19 Response

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face masks

Face coverings will be required throughout the entirety of community visit and installs. As well as, worn in public while traveling to and from the project site.

WEI Delivery

In-house delivery

Flexible delivery options will be proposed that limit the number of people in contact with materials. A small in-house crew is available to pick up from the manufacturer or local warehouse and deliver directly to site.

WEI Protective Shield

Protective Shields

WEI will offer protective shields to be worn in addition to face coverings, if required and/or preferred by client/community.

WEI White Glove

White glove install

Trusted in-house installers allow for continuity from delivery. Additionally, WEI offers remote install coordination if it’s  preferred that items ship direct to the community and be placed by a staff member. 

WEI Hand Washing

Screening/Hand Washing

WEI will require pre-screening for symptoms and hand washing/sanitizing per CDC guidelines prior to and throughout travel. 

WEI Disinfectant

Disinfectant supplies

Any hard surfaces/casegoods that come into contact during install will be disinfected. WEI offers fabric cleaners that can be purchased for the specified products. Manufacturer cleaning guidelines will be shared with community upon close-out.

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